Cy Cheaper Supplements

Project Description

Project: Cyprus Cheaper Supplements

Project Overview: Cyprus Cheaper Supplements, is probably the most value serving supplement company located in Cyprus. Our client had reached out to us to develop a comprehensive e-commerce website. This project had several challenging requirements including multi-level user accounts, product offer combination packages to custom cart rules for customer promotions. An additional serious objective was to generate simple to use system for importing and updating product lists, that would notify on low stock and client orders.

Our Work: Clickbait Designs team created an easy to use website, giving potential visitors the ability to shop with ease. We added SSL security to the site adding it to googles trusted sites for shopping. Our client can now easily manage product pricing across several user-type groups alongside with providing promotional offers simpler than ever.

Project Features:

  • Clean Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Speed boost optimised
  • Content management System
  • Payment System
  • Client type custom System


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Project Details

Client: Cy Cheaper Supplements

Tags: e-commerce, Web Design & Development

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